We work to CHANGE . . .

» A community that is unaware into a community that is empowered to contribute

» A community where people are invisible to a community where people belong

» People who are cold and hungry into people who are warm and fed

» A child caught in a cycle of poverty into a child with a future and hope

» A person who is camping outside to a next-door neighbor

» A veteran feeling abandoned into a veteran offered dignity and support

» A women who is out of work into a person contributing to society

» The challenge of basic life skills to the achievement of self-care

We CHANGE . . . the feeling that nobody cares.

Are you ready to be the change in the world?


GIVE. Today.

Your gift to 7hills provides resources to CHANGE the feeling that nobody cares.

$20/month provides 7 grocery bags from our food pantry.

$40/month provides assistance for 8 individuals who need medication for a chronic health condition like diabetes or an antibiotic to overcome infection.

$80/month provides 6 individuals with ID assistance (birth certificate, driver’s license, etc) so they can apply for employment and be self-sufficient.

Many of us in NWA are one significant health crisis or a couple of paychecks away from homelessness. Your monthly donation creates stability for 7hills to continue to be a resource for our neighbors in need.

With our convenient online giving system, you can setup to give recurring or one-time gifts via your checking account or credit card.

give today

You can help us

7hills is reliant upon the generosity of the community in Northwest Arkansas to meet the growing needs of the homeless and impoverished in our region.  Partner with us to make an impact in our community through volunteering your time or donating to our mission.

7hills You Can Help Us


  • If you have donation
    questions please contact:
  • Charity Stillings
  • 112 West Center Street, Suite 300
    Fayetteville, AR 72702


  • If you have volunteer
    questions please contact:
  • Jeff Walker
  • 112 West Center Street, Suite 300
    Fayetteville, AR 72702