Fighting Homelessness and Poverty

Why Do People Become Homeless?

Some people become homeless because of personal choices or life events that occur; we call those reasons individual factors.  Other people become homeless because of systemic issues that are risks for all of us, we call those reasons structural factors.

Individual Factors

  • pill-and-circleSubstance Abuse
  • head-and-circleMental Illness
  • heart-and-circleDivorce
  • cross-and-circleDomestic Violence
  • arrow-and-cirleLoss of Job

Structural Factors

  • man-and-circleWeak Safety Nets
  • fence-and-circleAffordable Housing
  • dollarsign-and-circleLimited Income
  • wrench-and-circleJob Opportunities
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Who Is Homeless?

(2,429 in Benton and Washington Counties)


Growth rate of Benton & Washington counties’ homeless population versus general population from 2007-2013 *CFI, U of A


General Population

108% Homeless Population

78% Families w/ children

34% Veterans

How 7hills Helps

We are an outcomes based organization and our approach is effective and practical.  We offer evidence-based best practice programs that end cycles of homelessness according to HUD and The National Alliance to End Homelessness.

  • stairs-and-circleEducation(practical skills)
  • pyramid-and-circleOpportunities(investment)
  • people-and-circleHope(relationships)

Our Approach

Best Practices: HUDNAEH

Our Programs

7hills is a hub of services and affordable housing for homeless and impoverished individuals and families in Northwest Arkansas.  We work hard to match each client we have the opportunity to serve with the services and housing that best meet their individual and collective needs.


  • GO7

    • is our mobile outreach program that assists the local school districts and the more rural communities in Benton and Washington counties with vital basic needs (food, hygiene and household items), as well as case management, resource referrals and housing stabilization.

    • is located in Fayetteville and provides a temperature controlled space, breakfast and snack (M-TH), Friday hot lunches, food bags, Internet, clothing, showers, lockers, laundry, mail services, and case management.


  • SSVF

    • is a community based housing program specifically targeted to veterans and their families. This housing program assists our community in meeting the national goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015.

    • is a community based housing program that assists homeless individuals and families who have significant barriers to achieve housing and employment stability. It also provides an avenue for those with significant disabilities to gain stable housing and maximize their wellness.

    • is a short-term program aimed at preventing homelessness or re-housing homeless families through financial assistance and education. This program utilizes community homes throughout Benton and Washington Counties to provide affordable housing and keep families out of homeless shelters.
  • WFRC

    • provides 19 transitional homes for individuals and families to build skills and save for permanent housing within the community. There are also 8 permanent supportive homes for disabled individuals to increase their wellness and community support networks.

You can help us

7hills is reliant upon the generosity of the community in Northwest Arkansas to meet the growing needs of the homeless and impoverished in our region.  Partner with us to make an impact in our community through volunteering your time or donating to our mission.

7hills You Can Help Us


  • If you have donation
    questions please contact:
  • Jon Woodward
  • PO Box 474
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  • If you have volunteer
    questions please contact:
  • Michael Drager
    479.251.7776 x 304
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