Fayetteville housing services

Since 7hills was founded in 2001, it has been our philosophy to develop programs to meet the changing and unique characteristics of the homeless and impoverished in Northwest Arkansas. Despite our community’s generous spirit and economic blessings, homelessness has continued to grow in Benton and Washington Counties from 1,170 homeless men, women, and children in 2007 to 2,951 in 2017. All three of our programs have been developed using evidence-based best practice programming models from across the country and around the world that have been modified to meet our community’s distinctive needs. Our ultimate goal is to develop a continuum of services and housing programs that will allow us to assist all clients/families, no matter their individual challenges and life circumstances.

day Center 7hills Programs

Services provided at the Day Center meet basic human needs including meals, showers, storage lockers, laundry, clothing, blankets, case management and service referrals, computers, coffee, safe mail drop, transportation, groceries, crisis counseling, volunteer opportunities, identification and birth certificate assistance…

SSVF 7hills programs

The goal of the Veteran Services Program is to promote housing stability among very low-income veterans and veteran families who reside in or are transitioning to permanent housing.  The Veteran Services Program offers a range of short-term services

WFRC 7hills Programs

The prime objectives of the 7hills transitional housing program is to assist homeless individuals and families in attaining permanent housing, furthering their education, obtaining stable employment with adequate income to support themselves and their family, and creating an adequate support network.

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