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How do people become homeless?

People become homeless due to a wide variety of circumstances. Changes in life circumstances and life crises are the most common reason. This can include things like loss of employment, divorce, mental and physical health issues, accidents, home fires, and more. Regardless of the reason(s) why someone became homeless, 7hills is here to support them, provide basic needs services, and help them find housing during this difficult period in their life.

Is 7hills a shelter where people experiencing homelessness go to sleep overnight?

No. 7hills offers a Day Center Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm where individuals and families in crisis can get basic daily needs met and develop a plan to regain self-sufficiency. 7hills also provides 2 programs focused on housing individuals who are experiencing homelessness to help them on the path toward self-sufficiency. For more information about our programs and services, please visit our programs page

Is 7hills funded by the government?

7hills currently operates with an annual budget of about $1.35 million dollars. Less than 40% comes from local, state, and/or federal funding.  While government grants are an integral part of our fundraising, we also rely on the generosity of local churches, businesses, corporations, and foundations to support our mission. Our primary source of funding comes from individuals like you.

Does 7hills serve people experiencing homelessness in Fayetteville only?

No. While all of our physical locations are in Fayetteville, we provide services to people across the Northwest Arkansas. Homeless and near homeless individuals and families from all over the region come to our facilities for help. About 56% are from Washington County and the remaining 44% come primarily from Benton County. 

Did the 7hills Day Center located at the church on MLK Blvd close?

A few years ago, 7hills relocated its Day Center from the Martin Luther King Blvd location to a new site on 1832 S. School Ave. in Fayetteville. Our Day Center continues to provide the same basic needs services to people experiencing homelessness.

What services are offered at the 7hills Center location on South School Ave.?

The 7hills Day Center offers services to men, women and children. It is a place to get the resources they need to get jobs, housing, food, and clothing. The day center also offers showers, internet service and telephone access and many other things most of us take for granted. For more information about our Day Center, please visit our programs page.

What services does the 7hills neighborhood just off Huntsville Road offer?

In 2008 the Walker Family Residential Community was built by 7hills to provide transitional and permanent supportive housing for individuals and families. This community is a private neighborhood where people have the opportunity to live affordably while working with a case manager on building life skills and saving for permanent housing. For more information about our Walker Community, please visit our programs page.

Is it true 7hills attracts homeless people to Fayetteville / NWA and that without it there would be little or no homeless problem?

NWA has been attracting thousands of people for jobs and the quality of life for many years.  As in any other community, some of these people have encountered unexpected and difficult economic and other challenges.  Since the economic downturn, the numbers of people needing assistance to avoid homelessness or to deal with homelessness has increased significantly.  More than 95% of the clients 7hills served this past year were from Northwest Arkansas.

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