October 28-30, 2020

An Event with No Home was started in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. This event replaced our in-person fundraiser to help us meet our annual fundraising goal. An Event with No Home is a virtual event focused on raising awareness about homelessness in Northwest Arkansas and the work of 7hills Homeless Center.


Thank you to our sponsors for continuing to support us during the pandemic. We are so grateful for your contributions! The Event with No Home virtual fundraiser would not be a success without you.

Video Transcript

Opening slide with text: 7hills Homeless Center presents an Event with No Home, Oct 28-30-2020.

Footage of 7hills Day Center and safe camping site.

Speaking: Jessica Andrews, 7hills CEO

Even though we can’t have our traditional fundraiser this year, we still have funds that we need to raise to support our vital services. Our goal is to raise $20,000 through this Event with No Home. Between sponsorships and your support over the next three days, we can meet this goal.

Footage of services being provided to clients at the 7hills Day Center.

Our top core value at 7hills is Dignity. We recognize and value the potential of all people, of every single person who walks through our doors. And our vision: everyone deserves a place to call home.

Speaking: Kristina Andazola, 7hills Engagement Specialist

I think the most important part of our mission is building strong bonds with people to build them up so that they know they can take that next step in their journey. And even though they might not be where they want to be right now, we can help them find ways to get to that next step.

Footage of Alvin Davis at the 7hills Walker Family Residential Community.

Speaking: Alvin Davis, 7hills HOPE Housing Program participant

My name is Alvin Davis. I’ve lived homeless for about six years. During that time, I had no money in my pocket. You are homeless. You are stranded. You are cast away. Self-esteem, pride, every part of the things you grew up with is gone. 7hills is here to help you day by day. Every day you can get something. I’ve tried all avenues. I’ve tried everything to understand the system and now that I’m in a situation where I can get myself out, at least I’m on the right path.

When you go from a tent to housing, you become stable, you can lock your door. And that is so important, it’s beyond imagination. The Case Managers, they inspire me to continue. And without that support you can fall right back into depression you can fall right back into gloom. When I talk to them they understand my situation and they know my goals.

One day I hope that homelessness is a memory.

Speaking: Jessica Andrews, 7hills CEO

The pandemic has made the services that 7hills provides more vital than ever before. We’re skipping the shoulder-to-shoulder event, we’re not asking you to run a 5k, we’re simply asking you to put yourself in the shoes of someone who doesn’t have a home – especially right now. Will you help us?

Ending slide thanking partner level sponsors: Ozarks Electric Cooperative & Ozarks Go; First Christian Church of Fayetteville; Susan Chase, The Chase Family Foundation