HOMELESS – 7 Hills serves Northwest Arkansans in need

Robert Graham frequently arrives among the first at Fayetteville’s 7 Hills Homeless Center.

He circles the gravel parking lot in his white Ford Ranger and stops where the driver’s door opens directly onto the concrete slab attached to day center.

Parking his pickup there affords him conversational access to those gathered around and easier access to the wheel chair in the bed.

Graham, a 55-year-old amputee, lives in the Ranger. He is one of 250 to 300 individuals who use the center at 1832 S. School Ave. as their home address.

On average, 92 new clients visit the center monthly, according to Solomon Burchfield, director of operations at 7 Hills.

Preliminary results from the University of Arkansas’ Community and Family Institute’s biennial count, taken two weeks ago, found 2,951 people are living on the streets, in shelters, motels or doubled up with friends or family in Benton and Washington counties. This is up 500 people from 2015.

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