Beginning, Middle, End


WHY STORY? Our Annual Fund request this year features client stories and the impact that our work has on their past, present, and future. Each of our clients have a story, and their story may not be that different from your story or mine. It’s my hope that when you see and hear their stories, you think about the beginning, middle, and end of your own story. What’s the same for you? What’s drastically different? Hopefully, our clients’ stories will help you better understand our programs and values. I am optimistic these stories will lead you to support “better endings” for many more clients.

WHY SUPPORT THE 7HILLS ANNUAL FUND? The 7hills Annual Fund supports the operations costs of six programs and fulfills client needs that would otherwise go unmet. This past year, 50% of 7hills’ budget was made up of grant funds and 50% community support. Recently, 7hills received additional federal and state grants, but to secure these vital funds for our community, we’re required to gain a match through local support. All gifts, both large and small, can help our clients have a “better ending.”

THANK YOU For each of my five years at 7hills, we have been able to serve more homeless and near-homeless individuals and families, and we have been able to add program services so that we could serve clients with increasingly challenging needs. The singular reason for our ability to better meet clients’ needs is the generous support from the Northwest Arkansas community. I encourage you to become a part of our story. Join us this year in supporting our clients’ courage to start a better life, their persistence in embracing the chaos that change inevitably causes, and the celebration that “better endings” bring. Impact the beginnings, the middles, and the ends. Now it’s not just their story, it’s your story too!

Be a Part of the Story

Jon Woodward, CEO