I really enjoyed Chill with the Hills 2012.  It gives me a ton of energy to keep going when I see how much the community cares about the work we do at 7hills.  Despite the nasty weather conditions, we had 317 people attend Chill this year.   We had nearly $70,000 of cash and in-kind donations this year that led to us being able to host this event.  The $20,000 profit that we made off of this event will go into our general operating account, which funds much more than our organization’s salaries and electricity bills, it funds client support services like a pair of steel-toed boots that one of our clients needed to be able to get a job, or the next request that the VA sends our way to pay deposits for a homeless disabled Veteran and their family to get into housing.  A huge thanks to this year’s sponsors, the event co-chairs Christy Morris and Angela Ryan, the 7hills board and staff, our dedicated volunteers, and the community that we feel honored to serve.


Look out for Chill with the Hills 2013, and please know how grateful my staff and board, our clients, and I am for your support.


All the best,

Jon Woodward