Our task was to create a joint venture with a for-profit and a non-profit organization. When we asked 7hills what was most needed, they asked for two picnic tables. Home Depot was not able to donate the two tables, but they were able to donate supplies enough for us to build one table on our own, so on we went!

With the supplies and instructions Home Depot printed for us, we headed to a friend’s house who has a workshop. He supervised our saw-use, and helped us immensely.

Home Depot donated $150 of supplies: wood, screws, paint, etc. John McCoy is one of the managers who helped with this and authorized the donation. The people at Home Depot were a delight and amazingly helpful.

We delivered the picnic table, the left over paint, and extra supplies today where we met more friendly faces, especially Cynthia Seideman, Director of the Day Center.

At the start, we did not know we would be building the table ourselves, but it turned out well, we had fun and we are so glad we could help.

Best regards,
Samantha Walker, Tim Ogg, Cally Hart, Steven Spaulding, Eric Varner
Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas