Hogeye Marathon gives to 7hills

7hills was given $4,000 from the Hogeye Marathon.  Thanks to the race owners, racers and volunteers that made this and all the donations that were given to the non-profits in Northwest Arkansas.  

Car Donation

Daniel and Mary McCormick donated a vehicle to 7hills today.  Thank you so much for being aware of 7hills and for this gift-in-kind donation.  

2011 NWA Homeless PIT Results

Thank you to Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick  and the University of Arkansas Department of Sociology for this information. We will use this information for the purpose of: Having a better understanding of the needs of our clients. Helping 7hills provide better services knowing...

dwindling pantry

Our Day Center is almost out of food.  Our reserve has been depleted and the pantry shelves are dwindling rapidly.  If you can help out, we open Monday at 8:00 am.  If you have something and want to give it over the  weekend, please call Michael at 479-966-9210 and we...