from a tent to home

It’s not every day at 7hills that we have a reason to celebrate, but today we had too!  Two of our clients, moved from their tent in the woods to a place of their own.

When this homeless man sat down to tell me the news, I was reminded that what I do matters.  I was reminded that what you do to help us matters.  Whenever we choose to be intentional and live as opposed to take up space, positive things happen for people.  No, life is not perfect and yes the road is sometimes long, but when we choose to walk on this road we get to experience good things — really good things!  These are just a few reminders about today’s good news:

1. Fighting homelessness is about making someone’s life better.

2. People that join us in the fight against homelessness, either with money, volunteering or both, get to celebrate when someone moves from a tent to a home.

3. All the little things we take for granted come to surface and remind me to be grateful for everything (yes, even the frustrating things).

Enjoy your day!!