Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard
to fetch her poor dog a bone.
But when she got there the cupboard
was bare, and the poor dog he had none.

Most of us have seen a hungry pet and seen the need and hope in their eyes. Most of us who have seen this are able to hand out a treat or fill the empty bowl or toss a bone to the delight and excitement of the pet. And to the satisfaction we get in filling that need.

Imagine a hungry person coming to you to ask for a little something to stem their hunger, to feed their family, to hold them over until their paycheck comes. Imagine going to the “cupboard” and it’s nearly bare. Imagine having to tell that person that the shelves are nearly empty and that you have only a limited amount of food to share. Imagine the despair you feel in having to do this

Unfortunately with the nearly bare shelves in our food pantry at 7hills homeless center this happens several times a day with our staff and our clients. We are so very grateful for the few items we can distribute and so are the clients who receive them when they reply “Hey thanks, every thing helps!”

We have many generous donors who have helped to stock our pantries through personal food and monetary donations, business owner’s contributions, organizational food drives, and donation of prepared foods. We welcome each and every one of these and our food supply depends on these special gifts.

It is not uncommon for our pantry supply to get very low by the end of the summer with schools out, families on vacation and organizations on hiatus. Usually with the end of summer and the continuation of activity, food donations once again pick up and our pantry is replenished. Unfortunately this year that has not happened. This struggling economy has affected most people and it has become more difficult to take care of our own family’s needs and in addition to also give to the needy. Therefore our “cupboards” are nearly bare.

At 7hills, we strive to serve breakfast every morning, and a “snack” every afternoon. We distribute food bags daily for taking back to a campsite or whatever our folks call home. Light lunch snacks are sent when someone is going to a day labor job and will be unable to attend a community lunch. Emergency packets are given to those who are traveling through or stranded in town or who need some nourishment to get through the night..

Donations from a supportive community are what allow us to stock, purchase, provide and distribute food to those who need it. We appreciate all that generous donors have always done for 7hills homeless center and ask now for continued support. Staff and clients thank you for any assistance you can offer!

— Cynthia Seideman
Day Center Manager